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I just got home from the most special trip to Morocco. I spent the majority of my time in Marrakech, and it was pure joy for all my senses. The food, the marketplace, the spices, the people and the rich culture introduced a new gift around every corner. After spending two weeks exploring Marrakech, going to the beach in Essaouira, hiking in the Atlas Mountains and camel-riding in the Sahara, I was ready to come home. I couldn’t believe that Thanksgiving was next week, and here we are. The time I spent in Morocco was special, magical and unforgettable. Traveling brings about broadened horizons and fresh perspectives, and even with all that, I sometimes hate to admit that I get homesick. I come home with a new appreciation of things that I’ve taken for granted. The soft snore of my husband that previously annoyed me is now a comfort. My favorite spot on the couch with my favorite blankie to watch YouTube is now especially comfy and cozy. Picking out and lighting a scented candle first thing in the morning brings me new peace and joy.

Thankful and Grateful

I’ve made it part of my daily practice to meditate on the things I am thankful and grateful for in my life. And even though it’s part of my everyday life now, I still love the idea of Thanksgiving where we take time off from work and spend time with friends and family. This year, I’m spending Thanksgiving with my mom, my husband and our dog, Miss Fuzzy Butters and I couldn’t ask for anything more. We’ll be bringing some food over to my mom’s place and enjoying some duck (none of us really like turkey) and spending precious time together. I can’t wait.

And as a very special thank you, to you my blog readers and subscribers, I’d like to extend a discount on my entire store – 50% off neckwear and jewelry with the code 50BF2022 and 20% off sweatshirts with code 20BF2022. You can combine those codes, and use them over and over through the end of the sale. The sale starts the moment you’re reading this, and will end on Monday, 11/28 at 11:59pm PST. You have first access to the sale as a thank you for supporting the blog, and I’ll be making the code more widely public later in the week. 

Speaking of sales, I created a spreadsheet of sales that caught my eye. There are so many sales and deals going around, that I started this spreadsheet to help me keep track of things, but thought you may find it helpful too. It is most definitely a work in progress, and I’ll be updating it as best I can as I hear about sales, or as sales end. Here is a link to it: Black Friday Sales 2022 – hope you find it helpful!

I appreciate and am thankful for each and every one of you. Sending you and your loved ones love, joy and happiness.

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    I’m glad you had a wonderful trip, Michele. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. I am also really enjoying your new website. I feel like we get to see another facet of you through your written posts. You’re the cool older sister I wish I had. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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    The trip looks and sounds fabulous. Did you go with a tour? Any suggestions or contacts for booking?
    You look great and like you are having a wonderful time! Thanks so much for sharing.

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    I am so behind on your videos but I cannot wait to get caught up on Morocco! What an amazing trip and I really appreciate hearing what brings you comfort and joy upon returning home. There is nothing like home. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your mom, husband, and Miss Butters! I cannot wait to check out your spreadsheet!

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    Louise Sharpy

    Thank you for sharing these amazing pictures. And your words of travel ! I’m excited you have come back. A comfort to me, and I know we haven’t met , but still getting excited for your posts, tik toks, etc. HAPPY THSNKSGIVING to you all. My Miss MONA (beagle) gives her best to Miss FUZZY BUTTERS. I also spend time with my 93 old mom , my daughter, my man and some some family. I have 10 other brothers and sisters. 🤨🤨😜they all live around. They are 4 here in Az looking forward to your posts ! Thanks Michele

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    What a lovely meditation on the joys of travel and of home. Thank you Michele for all you share with us. And thanks for the spreadsheet and the amazing discount!

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    Julie Swann

    I’m grateful for YOU, Michele, along with my other blessings. I think it’s so valuable that you remind us of that practice and part of what draws me to your vlog, in particular, is your honesty. May we all experience good health, passion and thankfulness!

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    So good to see you Michele! You look great on a camel!! Thanks so much for sharing your adventure(s) and thanks for the great spreadsheet. You always go the extra mile. Now I am off to look at your store sale! Love, Annette (Armonk, NY)

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    Julie Swann

    So enjoyed this post and also your candid vlog posts (been watching old ones)! Thanks

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    Quick note: link broken….when you click on the tom ford eyeshadow quad, the chanel lipstick link pops up.

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    What a truly gorgeous site – such perfect design and calm look mixed with content that has your unique voice.

  • LaShae'

    LOVING your new blog. Congratulations!!

  • Charli

    Fabulous! Such a beautiful blog! Congratulations Michele! x Charli

  • Louise Sharpy

    I am so very excited for you ! I love the new logo , and I’m so excited for this sweatshirt. It’s so you ! Congratulations. Love you and I am so proud of you. Xo long time follower xo

  • Keyna

    This is just like you beautiful, sophisticated and fun.
    Best wishes

  • Tammy

    Hi. Where can I see more photos of the shirt would love to purchase one
    Thank you