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The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is almost here and whether you enjoy shopping with your computer or your car keys, it’s a great way to stock up on some favorites and try new products. Also, if you’re looking to elevate your gift-giving status, this is a good opportunity to get some birthday gifts or, dare I say, holiday gifts. The sale isn’t “storewide”, as only select items are discounted or offered in pairs. Below I share my recommendations for makeup, skincare, bodycare and fragrance. But first, here are the details of when you can start shopping. 

If you’re a Nordstrom cardmember, you can start shopping early: 

Icons: July 9-14
Ambassadors: July 10-14
Influencers: July 11-14

Everyone: July 15-August 4

And now…here are my recommendations.


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Lipstick Clutch Gift Set by Prada

Yes, I had to find something by Prada. This gift set includes a refillable lipstick case, four matte lipstick shades (just select one to put in your case) and a silver clutch that can be used for the lipsticks, other makeup, Qtips, gummy worms…owner’s choice! You could also throw a credit card and one of the lipsticks in it and head to dinner. The lipsticks are matte but glide on beautifully and don’t feel dry – thanks in part to the jojoba oil. I love these lip shades by Prada! 

Lipstick Clutch Gift Set by Prada, $190


Ambient Lighting Face Palette in Golden Rose by Hourglass

What a beautiful set of blushes and highlighters from Hourglass! If you’re looking for a sun-kissed look without exposure to UV rays, this is a great product. Each color in the palette can be worn alone or layered with the others. It also works beautifully on top of a cream blush to give it a soft glow.   

Ambient Lighting Face Palette in Golden Rose by Hourglass, $64


The Summer Bronze Trio by Westman Atelier

Here is everything you’ll need for a glowy, bronzy look. Thank you Westman Atelier! This is a blush and highlighter set and includes three products: sheer illuminator drops (to enhance skin), a blush stick and a highlight stick. Needing just your fingertips, these products are quick and easy to apply – making them great travel companions.

The Summer Bronze Trio by Westman Atelier, $115



Loveshine Lip Oil Stick Duo by YSL

I recommended this for the Sephora VIB Sale and here I am again. I like it that much. The Loveshine formula is so moisturizing, and the two juicy pink colors are a great complement to the deeper shades that Prada is offering. With both, you’d have all the lipsticks you may ever need.

Loveshine Lip Oil Stick Duo by YSL, $60


Lash Idole Volumizing Mascara Duo by Lancome

You know what’s better than one of your favorite products? You guessed it: two of them. This mascara never smudges and delivers as promised, leaving my lashes looking longer and curled. 

Lash Idole Volumizing Mascara Duo by Lancome, $33


Prisma Glass Lip Gloss Duo by Armani

This gloss was part of my favorites for 2024 (thus far). I’ve mentioned it a number of times because I’m smitten with both the look and formula. It has just enough shine and leaves my lips feeling nourished. There’s no fragrance and it can be worn alone or on top of your favorite lipstick. This deal is a must as you get two products: the clear gloss and Candy Halo.  

Prisma Glass Lip Gloss Duo by Armani, $50

Skin & Body Care

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The Body Wash Duo by Necessaire

Another example of, “Why buy one when you can have two?” This is a best-seller by Necessaire and a great deal. You can massage it into your skin to create a foaming cleanser or make a little bubble bath out of it! Warning: its nourishing formula and eucalyptus scent will make it hard to leave your bathroom. 

The Body Wash Duo by Necessaire, $32


Wood Sage & Sea Salt Body and Hand Wash by Jo Malone London

I really appreciate a good scented hand and body wash. It’s such a pleasant way of experiencing a little fragrance – almost like a quick dose of aromatherapy. This has a mineral and woody scent, like a coastal walk in the northwest. I get to wash AND escape for a moment.  

Wood Sage & Sea Salt Body and Hand Wash by Jo Malone London, $55


Jumbo Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm by Elemis

One of my favorites and now in a jumbo size. It does a great job of removing makeup, cleansing skin and leaving it feeling ultra soft (not dry). You can use this product daily or, if preferred, use it as a weekly mask by letting it rest on your skin for a bit and then rinsing off. So luscious!

Jumbo Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm by Elemis, $90


Regenerating Cleanser Duo Set by Tata Harper Skincare

One of Tata Harper’s most popular products, this daily cleanser has exfoliating properties and works with my sensitive skin. If you haven’t tried this yet, I think you’ll be happy you got two of them for a discount during this sale! 

Regenerating Cleanser Duo Set by Tata Harper Skincare, $120


SturmGlow Serum Essentials Kit by Dr. Barbara Sturm

Dr. Sturm is considered an “anti-inflammatory pioneer”. With over 25 years of scientific research under her belt, she now has seven Dr. Sturm Spa & Boutiques worldwide and a great line of products! This kit includes two facial serums, one to use on clean dry skin (under your moisturizer) and another to apply after moisturizer and makeup. She’s all about hydration. And I can’t get enough of that!

SturmGlow Serum Essentials Kit by Dr. Barbara Sturm, $325


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3-Piece Fragrance Discovery Set by Creed

Three perfumes to try from Creed – a fragrance dynasty since 1760 – for $200? That sounds pretty great to me! The gift box includes the perfume Aventus For Her (one of my all time favorites), Wind Flower and Love in White, all of which are scents for the summer: fruity, citrus and floral. 

3-Piece Fragrance Discovery Set by Creed, $200

I’ve started adding items to my Wish List so I can move them over into my cart easily. Past years have proven that the best deals sell out quickly, so the easier the better! What are you guys interested in? Comment down below!

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  • Christine

    Would love a list of your favourite brushes for each step.

    Fave Liquid Foundation Brush natural hairs

    Fav eye blending brush


  • Ashley

    Reading this post reminded me to take a little stretch break and look out the window to give my eyes a break from the computer screen! Reviewed my own reading list for the year as well. Thanks for sharing!

    • Michele Wang

      Thanks Ashley! Taking breaks is so important and you’ve just reminded me to do the same! xoxo

  • Madelyn Baker

    I love this Michele! Not only are you honest and forthcoming,in the end you are soooo inspiring. I love this rating system and the writing down of real concise goals. Now that I have left my high intense Luxury retail job I can get on this program! I’m 64 and ready to learn, explore and give myself time to contemplate and live a more evolved mindset. Part of that for me has been my daily meditation ritual in the morning. For 30 minutes I sit still with a combine breathing Gua sha and eye exercise routine. I know it’s not the ordinary “meditation” mode but I’ve made it my own. It has really made a difference. I try not to look ahead at results but relish in the present state. This for me keeps me present though I know can be counter intuitive to the “goal” situation. It’s a balance. Sending you much inspo to reaching that pull-up! No pressure BUT!…I know you’re gonna do iT! xo Madelyn

    • Michele Wang

      Thank you so much Madelyn! Your message means so much to me ❤️

  • kathy

    There is water bottle called hydrate spark that works with an app that lights up at the base of the bottle when it is time to drink water. It will keep track of your goal with the app.

    • Michele Wang

      Wow!! I’ll check that out. Thank you!

  • Molly Baker

    Hi Michele!! Love this post as I love most things having to do with Sephora 😉 I also really enjoy reading about makeup techniques you employ in the spring time. I made quite the Sephora purchases for the sale last night @midnight—one of which is the benefit brow wax, but the tinted version! Apparently it’s new, fyi. Have a great wknd🥰🥰

  • Joyce Kerensky

    Michele, I love your site and all of the products that you share with us on YT. I wish that I could find some of the ballet flats in wide. Thanks for being so special.

  • Karen S.

    Hi Michele! I love these fragrances for spring! I wanted to mention some recent finds that I’ve been enjoying. Vyrao Sun Rae is lovely, and each bottle contains a crystal that promotes the intent of the fragrance. They’re all nice, but Sun Rae is my favorite, and promotes joy and happiness. These are not powerhouse fragrances as far as longevity, but very enjoyable. I also tried Yuzu by Jo Malone, really fresh lemon scent – my husband was very complementary. It might layer well with grapefruit and is an excellent choice for spring/summer. Thank you for your hard work and great content!

  • Jaye Brown

    Recipes are the one place I can really contribute! I’ve had a lot of success with the recipes on the site Fit Men Cook. If you’re OK with spicy (I add way less harissa than is in the recipe), these harissa meatballs are so easy and pack a ton of flavor.

    I’m curious about the Masterclass on personal style and look forward to you maybe sharing what you learn. I’ve been doing some deep diving on this topic the past couple of months as my weight loss finally settles and I feel ready to “invest” in my clothes again.

    • Michele Wang

      Thank you! Love spicy food! Good luck with your weight loss <3

  • Louise Sharpy

    Remember TO CELEBRATE THE SMALL WINS, OR ANY WIN !! where have I heard that before ? 😉🫶🏻love these letters , blogs , etc. it brings the month all together in a like bestie talk ! I like that. As you number your goals , keep the win higher ! Kisses


    I love the ballet flats. I am hoping that I can find something in my size. I have very skinny feet and it’s hard to find shoes at all. But miracles do happen!! Thank you for all the travel vlogs. It is a great way for a non-traveler to see the world. It was beautiful and exciting. Can’t wait to see where you are going next. Hugs for Miss Butters!!

  • Liz Lyons

    Michele, I appreciate these suggestions. I typically have some sort of lounge membership and a bunch of credit cards, but have balked at the $700 annual fee too. If I traveled these days the way I used to, I am sure it would be well worth it. Still, I do like to travel comfortably — I was never one of those youth hostel types. My standard hotels were the Ritz, George v, Excelsior, Hassler, Claridge, etc., so I truly like the way you do things. I hate to suffer and would rather stay home than travel too frugally. I am taking notes all the time from your blogs and vlogs as I think our esthetic is similar. Thanks again for all of it. 😊💖

    • admin

      Thank you Liz! I’m taking not of your list. xoxo

  • Proxima Centauri

    Thank you for an inspiring content, as always ❤️ I was curious about the purpose of the Masterclass. What does it mean? Studies?

    • admin

      Thank you! Masterclass is a website where you can sign up to have access to a classes taught by very successful people in the field.

  • Christina O'Connell

    I gushed in the youtube comments but will continue here – the foundation is a dream and pushed all my others aside. I’m 72, dry skin and very (very) fair yet I was able to find a shade that gives my skin life snd is flawless no matter how ling my day is. I also love the cleanser -it makes my skin look and feel so good which I’ve never said about a cleanser. I can’t wait for your reviews of the rest of the skincare.

  • Lola Denham

    I ordered the foundation this week! I’m 45, normal skin with a shiny t-zone. Fingers crossed! I don’t shop foundation frequently but couldn’t resist a new Prada product!!

  • Rebecca Neely

    Such lovely words and very well said. I can hear your love for the collection and Pharrell through your words. I also like the “damoflage”. As the daughter of a former military member, it brings back some good memories.

  • Charli

    Love what you chose!
    Did you see that LV & Pharrell have invited an indigenous person to collaborate with them for a collection? I’m sorry, their name has slipped my mind. I’m so excited to see what they come up with.

  • Christina O'Connell

    What a wonderful essay Michele — your joy in the video in your new Pharrell’s is so well matched by the discussion of his influence and genius Thank you!

  • Louise Sharpy

    That show was it in Honk Kong. Wow. And then the drones at the end. Holy cool. I would love a piece of it. Sadly I can’t , but I’ll live thru you. I love it. Saw some pieces I would love to own. Even a trunk purse

  • Amrit

    I am looking to get into murder mysteries since my goal is to read for fun again. What murder mystery books or series do you recommend for a newbie?

    • admin

      If you’re interested in a Victorian era series, my favorite is from Charles Finch which are the Charles Lenox mysteries.

  • Claudia De La Brena

    Hola Michele!! Feliz inicio de año!! Love your vlog!! Thank you for the nice and interesting 2023 videos, news and recommendations!! Wish you the best for this 2024!! Love and hugs from Austria!! Gracias!!!

  • Louise Sharpy

    I love that you made a goal on ONE pull up. Those are the goals I like. I never spend on myself really for “nicer” things. I can’t go and buy luxury purses or clothes which I would love. Just can’t happen. Sadly. But , I will be spending on skincare. La mer (my wish list) and a nice pair of shoes or boots. Those will be my luxury items. As for goals. Mine is plainly “MOVE” my body. Just walk ! Thank you for a wonderful 2023 (and past ) can’t wait for 2024. Also that vlog of your trip. So fun Xo

  • Christina

    Always such a treat to see your newsletter and blog appear, especially as we start the year. Your choice to make wellbeing a priority is helping me stay on track for my journey — now if I could just get better at updating my hobonichi!
    Happy New Year!

    • admin

      Thank you so much Christina – HNY!!

  • Purdy

    Hello Michele and Happy 2024! I am subscribed to your YouYube, IG and newsletter! I love everything that you are about and embody! =-) Here’s to an amazing year of the 50s to you. Would you be able to share the name of your trainer?

    • admin

      Hi! Yes – his handle is @truehulkfitness on Instagram, where you can contact him. And his name is Nathan. Thank you!

  • Louise Sharpy

    I saw that bag and I knew it would be one you would love. I also saw a blazer and the jacket. It’s funny. I know you and when I saw her release. I’m like. “Yup Michele “ 😊😊💋

    • admin

      Ha! You know me so well, Louise! xoxo

  • Angela

    Hi Michele! Your Mishmas series is always so much fun. You may have forgotten the wonderful coffee advent calendars. Where you woke up to a different, delicious cup of coffee every morning! 😀☕️

    • admin

      OK a coffee advent calendar has been selected!! I’ll post about it on my YouTube community tab soon! xoxo thx for your feedback!

    • admin

      OK looking into a coffee advent calendar! 😀 Thanks so much for the feedback! xoxo

  • Gina

    Hi Michele!!! Please please don’t let us without the coffee calendar!!! The mishmas vlogs are my best YouTube time in December for take a time and relax with my cup of coffee and enjoying with you like a friends 😉

    • admin

      OK a coffee advent calendar has been selected!! I’ll post about it on my YouTube community tab soon! xoxo thx for your feedback!

    • admin

      OK you’re the second person to comment about the coffee calendar! I’ll have to look into one now!

  • Tabitha Staffhorst

    Dr. Jart+ Beauty Balm….. how many times have you told us it was your favorite!!! So why did it take me so long to finally try it!!!! I got my hands on a bottle during this Sephora sale and OMG!!! I LOVE IT!!! Thank You!!
    Did you try the Haus Labs new eye shadow palettes?? Also, what happened to the coffee advent calendar!?!?

    • admin

      OK a coffee advent calendar has been selected!! I’ll post about it on my YouTube community tab soon! xoxo thx for your feedback!

    • admin

      Ohh I’m so happy you love it!! It’s just so special! I haven’t tried much for the new Haus Labs line, so I have to get on it. And I’ve passed up on the coffee advent calendar because I realized I like my certain bean (sumatra) and like starting my day with that one! xoxo

  • Molly Baker

    Hi Michele! Lovely blog post. I really enjoyed it because I adore this time of year! I love the tradition of you drinking a hot cup of coffee (with your Xmas bear!) & opening advent calendars. I look forward to it & like you said, just adds a little special cheer to my day :)One other calendar if you’re into K-beauty/J-beauty is from Stylevana!! That would be something different & fun.
    I shopped the Sephora sale, probably buying too much, but oh well. I got Natasha Denona’s Xenon palette, Huda’s Grunge palette, some nice highlighters by Charlotte Tilbury, Tom Ford & Bare Minerals & a few other goodies I won’t bore you with, lol. Have a great wknd & can’t wait for mishmas♥️

    • admin

      Thanks Molly! I’ll check out that K-Beauty calendar – that would be different! And sounds like you had fun during the Sephora sale <3 love it! xoxo

  • Claudia De La Brena

    Hi dear Michele!! I love your favorites palette eyeshadows! I used the eye quard cream shadows from Tom Ford and I love them!! Definitely I want to get the Cle de Peau quard eye shadows! The colors are so nice and I saw your video on YouTube about them and you look so pretty!! Thank you for the article!! I really enjoy reading and watching your blog posts and videos on YouTube! You inspire me in many ways! Gracias!! ❣️ Best greetings from Austria 🇦🇹🇲🇽

    • admin

      Thank you so much Claudia!

  • Molly Baker

    Love to hear what Fall palettes you’ve been loving, Michele! I’ve recently subscribed to your blog posts and am really enjoying them :). I agree with you about the Natasha Denona I Need A Nude palette. It’s perfect for daily use or for going out at night!! Really quick ? I have regarding makeup is if you had to choose between Prada foundation & the new Shiseido one, which are you choosing & why?! Xoxo

    • admin

      I haven’t tried the Prada one yet!

  • Maria

    Wow! Your 49th year on this earth was amazing. Congratulations on turning 50. Hope you’re blessed with many, many more healthy years.

    • admin

      Thank you so much Maria!

  • Liz Lyons

    Fifty is a milestone. I saw it as my entry into true adulthood and it was a bit scary. But, I am on the other side of it now and, like you, my goal is to keep fit, stay optimistic, and be a joy to my friends and family. Happy Birthday, Michele. Thank you for being, well, you!

    • admin

      Thank you Liz! xoxo

  • Janna M Matsuoka

    “I want to live a life with no regrets. That’s both a simple and lofty goal, but one worth pursuing.” This is so well said. I enjoyed reading your birthday blog. So many things restarted with me. Thank you.

    • admin

      Thanks so much Janna!

  • Julie Swann

    Happiest belated bday, Michele! I certainly second both the method and intentions of celebration. I so enjoy hearing from you here and on YouTube. And I was moved by your discussion there about how relationships, big and small, are what matters. Thank you!

    • admin

      Thank you so much Julie!

  • Charli

    Great review! If it was in my budget I would grab it. It’s a gorgeous bag with personality. ~ Charli

    • admin

      Thanks Charli!

  • Frances

    This bag went to the top of my wish list as soon as I got the email from Loewe. It’s definitely a new classic. I am of the quiet luxury type. My row bags get the most use and my summer Loewe bag. Squeeze is just what I’ve been looking for.

    • admin

      <3 <3 <3

  • Louise Sharpy

    I love how you show cases the basic or pieces that can be really worn with anything. I miss FALL COLORS , dressing with warm jackets and boots. Living in Az , well if goes from desert, to barely green. It really gets cold at night. But the back north east ? girl in me gets excited for fall (Michigan) love xo Louise

    • admin

      Thanks Louise!!

  • Susan Petty Moneyhon

    I’ve worn the same perfume since college —Guerlain, L’Heure Bleue. Nothing else smells like me.

    • admin

      How wonderful! Thank you Susan <3

  • Brenda

    Catching a whiff of a perfume can send me deep into my memory banks. I love perfume and my collection has grown exponentially over the past 3 or 4 years. At last count I was pushing 80. My latest is Tutu by Gritti which is much more floral than what I normally gravitate towards. It reminds me of Amazing Grace which I wore many many years ago except Tutu is much more sophisticated. I’m a sucker for a gourmand fragrance. Amber and vanilla anything will call my name. Some of my favorite perfumes to wear of late are Coffee Addict by Theodoros Kalotinis, Vicious Cacao by Maison Tahite, Bake by Akro, Nuit et Confidences by Goutal, Apple Brandy and Love Don’t be Shy Eau Fraiche by Killian and L’Interdit Rouge by Givenchy. As I look at this list, I’m sitting here thinking about so many more that I love. Hard to choose favorites! This is a wonderful topic. Thank you.

    • admin

      Thank you so much for all these fragrances I have to check out now! Amazing Brenda! xoxo

  • Liz Lyons

    What a lovely and welcome topic. I too have a perfume “wardrobe”, but not 75! Mine is closer to 40. For years I wore Houbigant’s Chantilly. My dad was a perfumer, so we had blotters with all kinds of scents all over our house. My mother wore Joy and left me a few bottles that I now treasure. I love Bal a Versailles and Charles Blair of Paris, but I am a Guerlain girl and own a dozen of those that I rotate now. I still wear Chantilly from time to time. I am intrigued by that Sicilian Leather and would like to try it. I am also going to try Izia la Nuit, just love the name. Thanks for this, Michele. I think you are closer to genius than madness, LOL.

    • admin

      Thanks Liz! Wow, that’s amazing that your dad was a perfumer. You must have a very sophisticated scent palette! I definitely have to dabble more into Guerlain.

  • Gaynor Witts

    I absolutely enjoy different fragrances in different seasons. Each winter i look forward to Grand Soir by MFK, it’s so spicy and tobacco, just perfect for cold weather, my knitwear smells of it! It’s too much in summer when i’m living in white flower fragrances or my beautiful Another 13 from Le Labo. I love having many different ones to choose from and always feel like it’s finishing my outfit and matching a mood for my day ❤️

    • admin

      Oh I just got a sample of Grand Soir and I LOVE IT!! It’s so warm and made me think of winter too!And I’ll have to try Another 13. Thank you for the recommendations!

  • Louise Sharpy

    It’s funny, from someone that can never buy anything ..this is more , to me, do I buy it because I want everyone to think I have money ? Or would I buy this if I could ..I don’t see this fitting in really to either. If I were to buy, it would only be for the LOVE of the product. Now since I don’t own a lot of designer brands , would I be in any of these categories? Interesting tho for sure. I do love the way they categorize the two tho. If I were to be able to afford luxury , it’s not to say “hey i bought this so I’m fancy” or “ i can afford it “ it’s for the love of how it’s made, how it feels on, or if it’s something I love to see Quiet luxury isn’t like a label for me. Interesting read tho. Would these be for cars we drive as well? ? I see the difference tho for sure Great read for sure. Thank you

    • admin

      Thank you always for your thoughtful comments, Louise! xoxo

  • Mona Khan

    Loved this article! I can’t agree with you more. 😘🩷

    • admin

      Thanks Mona!!

  • Grey

    I do definitely tend toward quiet luxury — although I will still occasionally make the “concert t-shirt” type of purchase, something that blatantly yells, “I was there!” I would say that I take quiet luxury one step further, though. I tend to prefer luxury that will last. I’ll spend money on a pair of shoes that will last for years, rather than fresh flowers. When I buy luxury makeup, it’s almost always in classic colors (mostly neutrals) and applications.

    • admin

      Thank you for sharing your insights!

  • Dianelys (SimplyDee Beauty)

    My style is gravitating more towards quiet luxury. Not necessarily luxury bags or shoes (although I do own a couple) but enjoying the expensive hand soap and candles, those little luxuries that only I know. I want to enjoy them for me, not just for others to see. xoxo

    • admin

      Thanks Dee – I love choosing and selecting special little luxuries to spoil ourselves!

  • Molly Baker

    I tried your method of application and it worked wonderfully! I have dark under eye circles etc so was pleasantly surprised when I tried the Peau de Rose shade on my fair skin! Love it.

  • Thelma Hill

    These products look wonderful on you. The colors and tones are a perfect match to your complexion.

  • Linda

    My skin is so much more textured (read: large pores) than yours appears in the closeup top of page, I’ve forever been leery of all highlighters, as they exaggerate the pores without fail. But this looks lovely on your already-beautiful skin, Michele!

  • Liz Lyons

    I ordered the Peau de Rose and am looking forward to it. Your trip to Italy was lovely and I am now considering adding at least Milan and Venice to my trip to France next year. I like the variety in your YT vlogs, Michele. And the fact that you cover luxury items that most people do not. While I can’t buy every luxury item I want, I do purchase some strategically on a regular basis and appreciate seeing them on a real person.

    • admin

      Thank you so much Liz!

  • Dianelys (SimplyDee Beauty)

    I’m also loving the WA Liquid Loaded, mine in the shade Peau de Peche. I did a comparison with the new Chanel Skin Enhancer. Also lovely but I find the WA does a better job of highlighting and natural look appearance. Its such a lovely product.

    • admin

      Thanks Dee!

  • Nancy

    Would like to receive your newsletter

    • admin

      Hi Nancy, at the bottom of the homepage, you can enter in your email address to subscribe to the newsletter. Thank you!

  • Dianelys

    Great suggestions! I used to dislike the rose scent when I was younger but as I mature, I’ve started to appreciate it more and more. I’m down for it!


    • admin

      Thank you Dee!

  • Julie Swann

    Enjoyed this so much, along with the brand trip to NYC.

    • admin

      Thanks so much Julie!

  • Irene

    Michele, your blog has helped me so much. Thank you. I am going through a traumatic experience right now, and your suggestions are resonating with me in a comforting way. I am enjoying your blog posts and hope to hear more life content. Again, thank you! One step at a time!

  • Ioana Androne

    Thank you for the article. It is very inspirational.

  • Charli

    I don’t know what to journal. I literally live such a boring life due to my chronic illness and chronic pain that I don’t know what to journal about. I don’t want to journal about my chronic conditions because that’s depressing to me. I literally just stopped writing here and looked up How To Journal lol. It actually was helpful, there are journal prompts. I do have goals, it’s just hard because of how I feel changes day to day and I can’t count on myself to feel physically well enough to do something each day that I get frustrated and depressed. It’s a lot for me to just do the dishes, take a shower, etc much less do something extra like start a YouTube channel or post more on ig. I’m lucky though, my husband is very supportive and he said just try to post once a week. And that’s what I’m going to try to do.
    Thank you for listening <3 xo Charli

  • Julia

    Wow Michele! I feel inspired now to start exercising. I used to always take exercise in school. When I moved to the US I took Physical Ed and realized most girls didn’t. I was kind of shocked. I don’t smoke anymore either! But I don’t like running on Rt.66. This Covid made me gain way too much. Moreover, I love to read. Thus the weight gain. Am not sure where to begin. If I had my way I’d have a private instructor. Hah! Any suggestions are always welcome. Thanks Michele.

  • Dianelys (SimplyDee Beauty)

    It’s been in my wishlist for the past few weeks. It’s so unique and practical at the same time. I like how it doesn’t have the brand showing up everywhere, it’s more subtle. So beautiful ♥️

    • admin

      ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  • Dianelys (SimplyDee Beauty)

    I love the highlighter. Its smooth and soft, not chalky or glittery. Looks natural too. Just lovely! My favorite is Moonlit (it’s the only one I’ve tried lol); I think it’s the best for my skin tone. Thank you for your review and comparisons. ♥️

    • admin

      Thanks so much Dee!

  • Ellen

    I went to the outdoor market at Bryant Park while I was in NY during November. I found a store that sold the most amazing candle. Twelve Nights by Fifth&Madison has become my favorite holiday candle. My new addiction for holidays.

    • admin

      Sounds wonderful – thank you for sharing Ellen!

  • Lisa Murcer

    Wow, I want to be at your house for Christmas. Just to meet you, and family.

    Along, with the sensory overload! 😊😊❣️

  • Dianelys (SimplyDee Beauty)

    I love candles too! I prefer fresher scents rather than holiday ones (some scents give me a migraine). Regardless, candles do change your mood, and the room’s atmosphere. Thank you for sharing your favorites for this season 🙂

    • admin

      Thanks Dee! -Michele

  • Emily

    I’m glad you had a wonderful trip, Michele. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. I am also really enjoying your new website. I feel like we get to see another facet of you through your written posts. You’re the cool older sister I wish I had. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  • Mary

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