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Early Access To The Violet Grey Put It In The Bag Event

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I look forward to Violet Grey’s Put It In The Bag Event every year. Violet Grey is, by far, one of my favorite online retailers for beauty products. Their careful curation makes navigating the vast sea of beauty products much easier. All of their products are “Violet Code Approved” letting us know their staff has meticulously tested all the products on their site, and I for one really appreciate that. To help further narrow down the possibilities, I’ve come up with my top 15 recommendations for this event. Products are marked down AT LEAST 20% and it’s an incredible time to save on some very niche, exclusive, luxury brands.

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My picks for makeup are products you’ve heard me recommend over and over again. They are totally worthy of the Violet Code Approved stamp! The Make Beauty Serum Balms are lightly tinted, giving you the most beautiful pout with just the slightest hint of a sheen. They leave my lips feeling so soft like I’ve been wearing a lip mask. 

And the Surratt Noir Lash Tint is a gorgeous mascara that holds my curl and has the most interesting wand. No bristles, just a wand with some threading at the end. Makes for an easier and much less messy application!

And I wasn’t sure if the Supergoop! Glow Screen counted as makeup or skincare, but I use it often as my base product so here it landed. It has the most gorgeous sheen along with SPF40 and now it comes in a bronze tint – Golden Hour. The perfect product to get you through the winter months.


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One of my favorite SPFs is from Revive and I’m so selfishly pleased that this product is included in this sale because I am going to stock up. The Soleil Superieur SPF 50 is so incredible at not only keeping out the sun’s damaging rays, but it makes for a great moisturizer with the silkiest texture ever. It sits so well under makeup, never interfering and feels incredible.

There is nothing better than Sisley-Paris’s Velvet Sleeping Mask for days you’re looking a little tired. It instantly makes you look like you’ve spent the weekend at a spa, or that you’ve never had a bad night’s rest. It’s what I rely on after long plane trips or sleepless nights. And to further plump up your skin, don’t skip out on La Mer’s Neck & Decollette Treatment. It’s only recently I’ve started to focus on my neck and chest area and boy oh boy do I wish I paid closer attention when I was younger. But the La Mer treatment will make up for lost time, instantly plumping fine lines and softening up those deep tech-neck wrinkles. 



And I’ve never had that much luck with Hyaluronic Serums until Dr. Barbara Sturm’s. WOW. I am a total convert. My skin has never looked AND felt as hydrated as it did after using Dr. Barbara Sturms Hyaluronic Serum for a few weeks. I am smitten.

My last skincare recommendation is something I stumbled across many many years ago at Barney’s (RIP). I bought it on a whim, and have never looked back. The Koh Gen Do Cleansing Spa Water is absolutely the best makeup remover on the market. It is gentle, but totally effective and leaves your skin feeling so soft with no film. It is utterly magical.

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Violet Grey


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If you suffer from puffy eyes upon waking like I do, you’ll love the Angela Caglia Gold Cryo Facial Set. The set is two gold-plated wands that I keep refrigerated. There are at least a couple mornings every week where I need some major depuffing and I just glide these over my eyes, rest them on my closed eyes and voila! The swelling and puffiness are dramatically decreased. 

And one of the few synthetic haired brushes I truly love is this Powder Brush from La Bouche Rouge. Not only is it absolutely gorgeous, and such a stunning piece to have sitting on your vanity, but the bristles are incredibly soft. But, not too soft where they’re rendered useless not able to pick up any product or place any product down with any meaning. No no, they’re soft, but the bristles pick up powder and blend out powder like the best of them.

Body & Haircare

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I don’t take great care of my hands. I admit it. But come wintertime, my dry hands become even drier where they crack and become so scaly that sometimes it’s painful. I always reach for my Susanne Kaufmann Hand Scrub to slough away dead skin and really soften up my hands so they feel healthy again.

Speaking of scaly, my body skin can become incredibly flaky in the wintertime. One of the best body butters I’ve experienced is from MUTHA. So incredibly rich and decadent that a little goes a long way. The first ingredient is Shea Butter and that has always done wonders for my skin.

As for haircare, I’m not always the best at taking care of my hair. I’ll say I take a pretty minimalist approach to my hair. But these two products I can’t live without anymore. First, the Hair Rituel by Sisley-Paris line is absolute perfection. I was introduced to the line by their Revitalizing Fortifying Scalp Serum. I was starting to see some thinning in my hair. Nothing major, just typical results from aging. But when I started using this serum I saw more growth and a fuller head of hair. It didn’t happen overnight. I started to see a difference after 2-3 months of use. And I’ve been using the serum pretty consistently for 3 years now and my hair now constantly feels fuller than it did. And the Leonor Greyl Styling Cream is fantastic for my stubborn gray hairs. It controls them without any stickiness or obvious styling product crispiness or goo. It feels like a mix between a lotion and a pomade and it’s really great for coarse hair. I just use a tiny smidgen of it in the front of my hair and it’s been the best at controlling my flyaway gray hairs.


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I have one recommendation for fragrance because it is that special. Promise from Frederic Malle is so spicy and so sensual it literally takes my breath away.

  • Top notes: pink pepper, rosemary oil, apple
  • Heart notes: Bulgarian rose oil, Turkish rose absolute, clove oil
  • Base notes: patchouli, ambroxan, labdanum, cypriol


This fragrance is sometimes difficult to find, so now that there are just a few left on Violet Grey, I would take the opportunity to grab it. It’s perfect for the winter/holiday season with its deep, warm, enveloping aroma. It’s the fragrance equivalent of wrapping yourself in a cashmere blanket in front of a fire, sipping brandy and mulled cider.

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    Great suggestions! I used to dislike the rose scent when I was younger but as I mature, I’ve started to appreciate it more and more. I’m down for it!


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    Enjoyed this so much, along with the brand trip to NYC.

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    Michele, your blog has helped me so much. Thank you. I am going through a traumatic experience right now, and your suggestions are resonating with me in a comforting way. I am enjoying your blog posts and hope to hear more life content. Again, thank you! One step at a time!

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  • Dianelys (SimplyDee Beauty)

    It’s been in my wishlist for the past few weeks. It’s so unique and practical at the same time. I like how it doesn’t have the brand showing up everywhere, it’s more subtle. So beautiful ♥️

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    I love the highlighter. Its smooth and soft, not chalky or glittery. Looks natural too. Just lovely! My favorite is Moonlit (it’s the only one I’ve tried lol); I think it’s the best for my skin tone. Thank you for your review and comparisons. ♥️

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      Thanks so much Dee!

  • Ellen

    I went to the outdoor market at Bryant Park while I was in NY during November. I found a store that sold the most amazing candle. Twelve Nights by Fifth&Madison has become my favorite holiday candle. My new addiction for holidays.

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    I love candles too! I prefer fresher scents rather than holiday ones (some scents give me a migraine). Regardless, candles do change your mood, and the room’s atmosphere. Thank you for sharing your favorites for this season 🙂

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      Thanks Dee! -Michele

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    I’m glad you had a wonderful trip, Michele. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. I am also really enjoying your new website. I feel like we get to see another facet of you through your written posts. You’re the cool older sister I wish I had. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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    The trip looks and sounds fabulous. Did you go with a tour? Any suggestions or contacts for booking?
    You look great and like you are having a wonderful time! Thanks so much for sharing.


    I am so behind on your videos but I cannot wait to get caught up on Morocco! What an amazing trip and I really appreciate hearing what brings you comfort and joy upon returning home. There is nothing like home. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your mom, husband, and Miss Butters! I cannot wait to check out your spreadsheet!

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    Thank you for sharing these amazing pictures. And your words of travel ! I’m excited you have come back. A comfort to me, and I know we haven’t met , but still getting excited for your posts, tik toks, etc. HAPPY THSNKSGIVING to you all. My Miss MONA (beagle) gives her best to Miss FUZZY BUTTERS. I also spend time with my 93 old mom , my daughter, my man and some some family. I have 10 other brothers and sisters. 🤨🤨😜they all live around. They are 4 here in Az looking forward to your posts ! Thanks Michele

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    What a lovely meditation on the joys of travel and of home. Thank you Michele for all you share with us. And thanks for the spreadsheet and the amazing discount!

  • Julie Swann

    I’m grateful for YOU, Michele, along with my other blessings. I think it’s so valuable that you remind us of that practice and part of what draws me to your vlog, in particular, is your honesty. May we all experience good health, passion and thankfulness!

  • Annette

    So good to see you Michele! You look great on a camel!! Thanks so much for sharing your adventure(s) and thanks for the great spreadsheet. You always go the extra mile. Now I am off to look at your store sale! Love, Annette (Armonk, NY)

  • Julie Swann

    So enjoyed this post and also your candid vlog posts (been watching old ones)! Thanks

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    Quick note: link broken….when you click on the tom ford eyeshadow quad, the chanel lipstick link pops up.

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      Thank you so much!!

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    What a truly gorgeous site – such perfect design and calm look mixed with content that has your unique voice.

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